The Ultimate Guide To Online Safety & Su

Technology is not going anywhere and it’s not getting any safer or easier. For children or adults, it can sometimes be overwhelming. But help is on the way.

You know you’ve always wanted to learn more about the Internet but didn’t have the time or opportunity. Well, here it is.

You will learn how to:


  1. Beat online scammers

  2. Spot an online sexual predator

  3. Escape video game and digital device addiction

  4. Handle dangerous online challenges

  5. Avoid texting, messaging, email, and phone mistakes

  6. Do an online search that is fast and effective

  7. Evaluate websites and online information

  8. Understand “fake news” and determine if a news source is trustworthy

  9. Avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of social media

  10. Discover valuable tools, sites & apps


Okay. I lied. That’s not all you get. There’s more content and bonuses like:


Bonus #1 - Tested online resources to meet all your tech needs and easy-to-follow instructions/worksheets you can use whenever the need arises for you or your child at home, at school or at work.


Bonus #2 - A one-on-one 15:00 Zoom mentoring session where I will answer any questions you have.

Coming soon!